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Secrets exposed after website for cheating spouses hacked

In many ways, technology makes infidelity easier to pull off. An actual tryst requires people to be physically present in the same place, but foreplay can happen anytime, anywhere — and the faithful may have no idea. Computers, tablets, and smartphones absorb adulterous evidence like a sponge, and once suspicions are aroused, tech can offer many clues about a potential dalliance.

Let me be clear: The best thing you can do is have a frank and honest conversation with your spouse about your marriage.

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Couples therapy can work wonders. However, if your relationship wasn't healthy to begin with, or you need something tangible before starting divorce proceedings, these are basic methods for busting a cheater.

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Many people turn their phones away from others to protect their privacy. However, most of us don't hide our phones from our spouses. This gesture is subtle, but it can suggest illicit text conversations. Cheaters are often protective of their phones; they don't share their passwords, and they even change their passwords to keep their phones' content a secret.

Push notifications are a nightmare for unfaithful spouses, because they may show snippets of conversation — from texts, emails, and so on — that could incriminate both parties. Spotting a suspicious push notification, or even noticing the sudden absence of them, can be suggestive. The easiest way to keep two romantic lives separate is to buy two separate phones. Receipts are often sent by text message or email. Read: hotels, restaurants, jewelry stores. The same goes for frequent flyer miles and credit card points, which a cheater may spend on a fling.

Cheaters often go to great lengths to avoid using their checking and credit card accounts, but there are many other ways to pay for a rendezvous, from Groupon to Paypal to Venmo, and they will still leave a trace of their transactions. If your spouse uses an iPhone, there is one place to be sure to look. It takes a fair amount of effort to consistently disable or delete these types of settings so if they are up to no good, you're likely to find something here. Cheaters would have to be pretty stupid not to clear the search histories on their browsers.

New Website Lets You 'Blow the Whistle' on Cheating Spouses

If they routinely acc ess dating sites, especially hook-up services like Ashley Madison and AdultFriendFinder, they will probably think to cover their tracks, unless they like flirting with disaster as much as attractive strangers. A uto-fill is harder to remember. Search engines like Google d o a remarkable job of guessing your search parameters, based on everything you have ever searched before. If you share a computer with a suspect spouse, you may intend to type "Megalodon," and instead the words "Megan Granger home phone n umber" flash across the field.

Take this a few steps further. Start typing each letter of the alphabet and see what pops up. The most dangerous habit for cheaters is to send photos and video. These media may spice things up, but they are vivid evidence of an affair, and such materials can be used as evidence in divorce proceedings -- especially if a betrayed husband or wife can save or download copies. To keep these images and video covert, cheaters may have a spec ial cloud service. Many customers use Keepsafe for work or personal reasons, but if you notice that your spouse has a Keepsafe acco unt and you can't figure out why, you may be onto something.

They also function similarly to cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox , and Apple's Cloud, but security is their top priority. Be sure to check on Amazon Prime because this service gives you a place to store your photos, too. If your cheater is savvy, he or she may know how to secretly embed an image into an audio or picture file.

You think it's a familiar song or a landscape shot but a steamy pose might be hidden behind the notes and trees. It's easy to make these files and even easi er to distribute them unnoticed. Tools like DeepSound or QuickStego make this point-and-click work for the casual cheater. The snoop usually suspects nothing unusual. The files appear to be ordinary. You need to know a special keystroke or code to unlock the files. Technological espionage is the least -healthy way to address these problems, and you should only use these techniques as a last resort. Infringing on your spouse's privacy can cause even more damage, and certain kinds of infr ingements are bona fide illegal.

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Top Ten Cheating Websites for Married Couples

People cheat. 8 clever ways that tech can reveal a cheating spouse . For her daily tips, free newsletters and more, visit her website at. It's been written in books, sung in songs and expressed in film, so is cheating of marriage, the sheer thought of free affair websites can cause intense disgust.

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Is your spouse cheating on the internet? What their browser history can tell you

Well, you see, if you take half a second to click back on the link to the original article, you would see in the very first line: A dating website for married people who want to cheat on their spouses is being sued by a former employee who says she damaged her wrists typing up hundreds of fake profiles of sexy women. But since that was too difficult for you to CYA in your lust to try and make the writers here look bad I went ahead and copied that in for you. Quick we've been found out lying again!!!

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How to FIND OUT if your partner is on DATING SITES, cheating online.

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